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Development Khatlon Business Association Development Strategy!

A national consultant was involved in the development of this strategy to determine the priorities, recommendations and recommendations of members and partners of the KBA, as well as to develop a strategy for the activities and development of the Khatlon Business Association. January 20, 2020 session – study of the development strategy of the Khatlon […]

A meeting of actors in the value chain!

In February, a meeting with partners and stakeholders continued to establish relationships between partners and identify problems in establishing a strong partnership between partners in the value chain, as well as the need for chain partners for technical support in each. In the reporting month, an event was held in Dusti, J. Balkhi, Jaihun and […]

Presentation of Khatlon Business Association and the Project “Improving Agribusiness Competitiveness in Tajikistan”

According to the plan, in the framework of the project “Improving the competitiveness of agribusiness in Tajikistan”, in February this year, the Khatlon Business Association was presented and potential ACAT beneficiaries were informed in the communities of Dusti, J. Balkhi, Jeyhun and Kabadian. The event was attended by 247 representatives of agricultural departments, representatives of […]