ABOUT Association

Association – created to support entrepreneurs of the agricultural sector of the Khatlon region, including entrepreneurs engaged in gardening and the production of meat and dairy products.
• Assistance in improving the promotion of small and medium-sized businesses
• Organization of information events and providing support to businessmen in the conduct of printing services
• Organization of a training event with the aim of increasing improving economic and legal knowledge
• Organization of consulting and business incubators for businessmen
• Assisting in sources of investment and grants through useful advice
• Organization of consulting services for conducting business activities, preparation of investment projects
• Assistance in organizing forums, conferences, exhibitions in the field
• Coordination of activities with entrepreneurship development and investment programs of development partners, business associations, public organizations and institutions.
• Promoting entrepreneurship in tourism and folk crafts
• Facilitating the participation of entrepreneurs in national and international forums and exhibitions
• Support for businessmen in the agricultural and industrial sectors
• Assistance in the development of agribusiness, the export of regional products, the implementation of international standards, the creation of logistics and information centers.
• Protection of the rights and interests of entrepreneurs in the process of their joint cooperation with responsible authorities
• Promoting the active participation of entrepreneurs in the reform of business and investment.
• Preparation of useful suggestions and recommendations on the current legislation for the development of entrepreneurship
• Assistance in organizing training, analysis and preparation of recommendations for the development of entrepreneurship.
• Assistance and participation in the process of public and private dialogue.
• Contribution to public-private partnership initiative.
• Establish fruitful cooperation with responsible state bodies for the development and regulation of business and investments, support funds and grants, advisory councils for the development of entrepreneurship, public and private partnerships and other interested parties.

Khatlon Business Association
The Khatlon Business Association was founded in May 2019 and unites 12 members engaged in agribusiness, fruit and vegetable processing, refrigeration facilities and NGOs in the Khatlon region. The Association is an organization led by the economic sector, the purpose of which is to increase the potential of its members in business development, including registration, market information, export promotion, production of valuable products, value-added products, as well as products based on market demand, supporting initiatives to ensure industry qualifications, including certification and ability to track products. The Association is working to increase organizational capacity and expand cooperation in the agricultural sector of Khatlon region.
Target Khatlon Business Association
Support for entrepreneurs in the region in improving their economic and legal knowledge, information support, protection of their rights and interests, promotion of active participation of entrepreneurs in the process of business and investment reform.

Partners Khatlon Business Association
• Local authorities of Khatlon region
• Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic
• State Committee on Investments and State Property Management of the Republic of Tajikistan
• Center for the Development of Business and Entrepreneurship
• Private Sector Development Society
• Association of Agribusinessmen of Tajikistan
• Association of Agribusinessmen of Sughd region
• Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Khatlon Region
• USAID Agribusiness Competitiveness Project in Tajikistan
• USAID Trade Competitiveness and Job Creation Project in Central Asia
• United Nations Development Program (UNDP)